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Trainsignal VMware vSphere PowerCLI Training (3DVD) Trainsignal VMware vSphere PowerCLI Training (3DVD)

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image Trainsignal VMware vSphere PowerCLI Training (3DVD)Our Comprehensive VMware vSphere PowerCLI Training Course Will Teach You How to Automate and Customize Your Virtual Environment, Like a vExpert. You’ll Work Hands-On to Automate ESX Configurations, Automate the Creation of Virtual Machines, Automate vSwitches & Datastores Configurations, and Much More!

VCP4 Exam Cram: VMware Certified Professional, Second Edition VCP4 Exam Cram: VMware Certified Professional, Second Edition

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VCP4 Exam Cram, Second Edition, is the perfect study guide to help you pass the VMware VCP-410 exam. It provides coverage and practice questions for every exam topic. The book contains an extensive set of preparation tools, such as quizzes, Exam Alerts, and a practice exam, while the CD provides real-time practice and feedback with a 75-question test engine.
Covers the critical information you’ll need to know to score higher on your VCP-410 exam!
* Master the essential concepts of VMware vSphere 4
* Plan, install, deploy, and configure ESX/ESXi 4.1
* Understand how VMware vSphere 4 is licensed
* Implement reliable virtualized storage operations
* Administer ESX/ESXi 4.1 with vCenter 4.1
* Manage virtual machine operations
* Systematically secure your virtual infrastructure
* Manage and monitor virtual resources
* Troubleshoot problems with ESX/ESXi 4.1
* Implement effective backup, disaster recovery, and business continuity
* Maximize system availability in virtualized environments
Elias Khnaser is an author, speaker, and IT consultant specializing in Microsoft, Citrix, and VMware virtualization technologies. Elias is the practice manager for virtualization and cloud computing at Artemis Technology. With more than 14 years of experience, Elias is one of the world’s leading experts on virtualization and cloud computing and is a recipient of the VMware vExpert award.
CD Features 75 Practice Questions
The test engine gives you an effective tool to assess your readiness for the exam
* Detailed explanations of correct and incorrect answers
* Multiple test modes
* Random questions and order of answers
* Coverage of each VCP-410 exam topic

VMware Certified Professional on vSphere 4 VMware Certified Professional on vSphere 4

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image CBT Nuggets VMware Certified Professional on vSphere 4Whether you're an experienced virtual administrator or a beginner, Greg Shield's outstanding vSphere 4 training is exactly what you're looking for. Greg is revered as a virtualization guru. After watching this series you'll have a wealth of insider information at your fingertips on how best to build storage, networking, performance management, backup, and disaster recovery elements into your VMware ESX environment. Greg's careful step-by-step instruction is your best option for building success into your VMware virtual infrastructure -- while furthering your preparation for the VCP examination.

VMware ESX server in the Enterprise Planning and securing virtualization servers VMware ESX server in the Enterprise Planning and securing virtualization servers

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Самое полное практическое руководство по конфигурированию серверов VMware ESX. В книге детально, на примерах, описано развертывание виртуальной инфраструктуры предприятия.

VMware VI and vSphere SDK: Managing the VMware Infrastructure and vSphere VMware VI and vSphere SDK: Managing the VMware Infrastructure and vSphere

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Companies running VMware have already achieved enormous gains through virtualization. The next wave of benefits will come when they reduce the time and effort required to run and manage VMware platforms. The VMware Infrastructure Software Development Kit (VI SDK) includes application programming interfaces (APIs) that allow developers and administrators to do just that. Until now, there has been little documentation for the APIs. In VMware VI and vSphere SDK, software architect Steve Jin demystifies the entire VMware VI and new vSphere SDK and offers detailed, task-based coverage of using the APIs to manage VMware more efficiently and cost-effectively.


Jin walks you through using the VI SDK and cloud-computing vSphere SDK to manage ESX servers, ESX clusters, and VirtualCenter servers in any environment–no matter how complex. Drawing on his extensive expertise working with VMware strategic partners and enterprise customers, he places the VI SDK in practical context, presenting realistic samples and proven best practices for building robust, effective solutions. Jin demonstrates how to manage every facet of a VMware environment, including inventory, host systems, virtual machines (VMs), snapshots, VMotion, clusters, resource pools, networking, storage, data stores, events, alarms, users, security, licenses, and scheduled tasks.
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