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Securing the Cloud: Cloud Computer Security Techniques and Tactics Securing the Cloud: Cloud Computer Security Techniques and Tactics

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Securing the Cloud: Cloud Computer Security Techniques and TacticsAs companies turn to burgeoning cloud computing technology to streamline and save money, security is a fundamental concern. Loss of certain control and lack of trust make this transition difficult unless you know how to handle it. Securing the Cloud discusses making the move to the cloud while securing your piece of it! The cloud offers flexibility, adaptability, scalability, and in the case of security-resilience. This book details the strengths and weaknesses of securing your company's information with different cloud approaches. Attacks can focus on your infrastructure, communications network, data, or services. The author offers a clear and concise framework to secure your business' assets while making the most of this new technology.
  • Provides a sturdy and stable framework to secure your piece of the cloud, considering alternate approaches such as private vs. public clouds, SaaS vs. IaaS, and loss of control and lack of trust
  • Discusses the cloud's impact on security roles, highlighting security as a service, data backup, and disaster recovery
  • Details the benefits of moving to the cloud-solving for limited availability of space, power, and storage

Pro Hadoop - Build Scalable, Distributed Applications in the Cloud Pro Hadoop - Build Scalable, Distributed Applications in the Cloud

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Pro HadoopThis book is a concise guide to getting started with Hadoop and getting the most out of your Hadoop clusters. My early experiences with Hadoop were wonderful and stressful. While Hadoop supplied the tools to scale applications, it lacked documentation on how to use the framework effectively. This book provides that information. It enables you to rapidly and painlessly get up to speed with Hadoop. This is the book I wish was available to me when I started using Hadoop.

Introduction to Windows Azure Introduction to Windows Azure

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Introduction to Windows AzureWindows Azure is Microsoft's next-generation cloud-computing operating system and is designed to provide companies with new business opportunities as they migrate toward hosted services.

Introducing Microsoft Azure provides all the information developers need to get started with this technology and apply it across a range of situations. Presented in a clear, concise manner, this book provides a carefully measured learning curve for surmounting the architectural and coding challenges that need to be faced when building a well-balanced Windows Azure service.

 What you’ll learn:

  • Understand the critical concepts of Azure, such as data storage and retrieval, .NET Services, and SQL Azure
  • Learn to write Azure code and architect cloud-based solutions
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of cloud computing and how the hosted architecture will impact the way organizations host, deploy, and maintain their solutions
  • Integrate .NET Services and SQL Azure into existing applications to increase their functionality
  • Understand how Azure can be leveraged to solve a variety of programming tasks through extensive exercises and recipes

Who this book is for

Introducing Windows Azure is for .NET architects and developers who want to learn how to provide business solutions based on the Microsoft Azure Services platform. Software as a Service (SaaS), a major trend in the computing industry, will grow exponentially in the coming years. This is a book that every developer should have on their bookshelf.

IntroductIon to Cloud Computing ArChiteCture IntroductIon to Cloud Computing ArChiteCture

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IntroductIon to Cloud Computing ArChiteCtureCloud computing promises to increase the velocity with which applications are deployed, increase innovation, and lower costs, all while increasing business agility. Sun takes an inclusive view of cloud computing that allows it to support every facet, including the server, storage, network, and virtualization technology that drives cloud computing environments to the software that runs in virtual appliances that can be used to assemble applications in minimal time. This white paper discusses how cloud computing transforms the way we design, build, and deliver applications, and the architectural considerations that enterprises must make when adopting and using cloud computing technology.

Grid and Cloud Computing (A Business Perspective on Technology and Applications) Grid and Cloud Computing (A Business Perspective on Technology and Applications)

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Grid and Cloud ComputingIn today’s dynamic business environment, IT departments are under permanent pressure to meet two divergent requirements: to reduce costs and to support business agility with higher flexibility and responsiveness of the IT infrastructure. Grid and Cloud Computing enable a new approach towards IT. They enable increased scalability and more efficient use of IT based on virtualization of heterogeneous and distributed IT resources. This book provides a thorough understanding of the fundamentals of Grids and Clouds and of how companies can benefit from them. A wide array of topics is covered, e.g. business models and legal aspects. The applicability of Grids and Clouds in companies is illustrated with four cases of real business experiments. The experiments illustrate the technical solutions and the organizational and IT governance challenges that arise with the introduction of Grids and Clouds. Practical guidelines on how to successfully introduce Grids and Clouds in companies are provided.
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