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Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Terminal Services Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Terminal Services

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ms_termsПолное описание и детальня настройка службы терминалов Microsoft Windows Server 2003

Microsoft Virtualization with Hyper V Microsoft Virtualization with Hyper V

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Подробное описание внедрения и способов миграции сервисов из физической среды в виртуальную. Интеграция Hyper-V с SCOM.

Terminal Services for Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Terminal Services for Microsoft Windows Server 2003

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This book is designed to provide you with practical, real-world information about the use and design of the Terminal Server components of Microsoft Windows Server 2003

Sybex - Mastering Microsoft Virtualization Sybex - Mastering Microsoft Virtualization

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The first in-depth, comprehensive guide to Microsoft's suite of virtualization products

Virtualization is a hot topic for IT because of the potential it offers for serious economic benefits. While other books treat server virtualization alone, this comprehensive guide provides a complete virtual strategy.

You will learn how to deploy a complete virtualization stack with Microsoft's offerings in server virtualization, application virtualization, presentation virtualization, and desktop virtualization. Written by Microsoft technology product specialists, this guide provides real-world focus, enabling you to create a complete IT system that is highly efficient and cost effective.

  • Covers Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V 2.0, Remote Desktop Services, Microsoft Application Virtualization (App-V), Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), and Microsoft Enterprise Desktop Virtualization (MED-V)
  • Demonstrates how to deploy a virtual infrastructure-from the server to the desktop
  • Goes beyond any other book on Microsoft virtualization
  • Covers the highly anticipated new feature Live Migration

This guide, part of the popular Sybex Mastering series, offers every IT administrator a road map for implementing an efficient and successful virtualization project.

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