Новый курс обучения от VMware - VMware vSphere: Manage and Design for Security

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Темы курса

  • Identify vulnerabilities in the current design of a vSphere environment and recommend corrective actions
  • Harden vSphere components as described in the security hardening guides for vSphere 4
  • Use VMware® vShield Zones to provide firewall protection to virtual machines and monitor virtual machine network traffic
  • Recommend configuration and change management policies, processes, and systems



Module 1: Course Introduction
•  Introduction to how virtualization affects security and compliance
•  Security and compliance resources
Module 2: Security in a Virtual Environment•  Review of information security and risk management concepts
•  Top vulnerabilities in a virtual environment
•  Basic guidelines for securing a virtual environment
•  Security tools and technologies
Module 3: Secure Virtual Networking
•  Configuring trust zones
•  Isolating vSphere network traffic
•  Controlling access to the management network
•  Hardening virtual network components
•  Guidelines for using VLANs and private VLANs
Module 4: Secure Infrastructure Management
•  Setting up management clusters
•  Working with SSL certificates
•  Best practices for implementing an access control model
•  Setting up centralized logging
•  Hardening vCenter Server and VMware vCenter Update Manager systems
Module 5: Protecting ESX/ESXi Host Systems
•  ESX and ESXi security architecture
•  Controlling access to storage
•  Hardening ESX and ESXi host systems
Module 6: Protecting Virtual Machines
•  Hardening virtual machines
•  Installing, configuring, and using vShield Zones to provide firewall protection and monitor network traffic
Module 7: Configuration and Change Management
•  Configuration and change management goals and guidelines
•  Maintaining the proper configuration of vSphere components
•  Monitoring logs for security-related events
•  Configuration and change management tools and technologies